Strategy & Planning

The weaknesses of traditional strategic planning—characterized by endless reviewing document stacks of facts and figures—become visible when agility is needed in a rapidly changing world. We develop great strategies differently: less time running the planning process and more time engaging broader groups inside and outside the company, going beyond numbers and data, and mirroring the dynamics of the external environment.

  • generating insights on the basis of internal & external data and long-term market trends
  • identifying business-development opportunities
  • reallocating marketing and other corporate resources
  • building analytical and strategic marketing capabilities at key areas in the organization

Effective organizations drive strategy development as an ongoing process of ad hoc, topic-specific leadership conversations and budget-reallocation meetings conducted periodically throughout the year. We offer the right expertise to get more value from your strategic planning process:

  • Goal Setting enables agile strategy development
  • Performance Control supports periodic monitoring and taking insights into account that really matter
  • Roadmapping is a powerful support for planning your organization’s capabilities to ensure you meet your commercial or strategic goals.