The marketplace has changed dramatically with intense competition from existing and new competitors as well as direct sourcing in producer markets (Alibaba). Accompanying these changes modern shoppers are increasingly price-conscious, informed and can rapidly change their buying behavior.

Our analytical tools and consulting services create winning strategies across assortment, merchandising, promotions and price, allowing you to make better, faster decisions. Let us show you how to optimize your merchandising by linking consumer and purchase behavior data. We help:

  • Determine the optimal product assortment that drives category value and profitability
  • Maximize the impact of your promotions through analytics and tools that optimize products, pricing, customer targets and media mix for your promotions
  • Find prices that over time yield maximum revenues

This requires deep insights on what customers want and like as well as having the right products at right price points.

Our state-of-the-art analytics enable companies to get the most out of their data to identify gaps and opportunities, and implement winning strategies.